Drupal4Gov Webinar Series: ​​HAX


2018-07-19 15:0016:00 America/New_York


Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

HAX the web is a headless authoring solution being developed by Penn State built on one question: Why can’t all platforms have the same authoring experience (AX)? We decided that in order to build the best AX for Drupal we needed to NOT build it just for Drupal. Learn about how you can leverage HAX in your (deep breath) Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, GravCMS, Desktop apps, BackdropCMS sites and more!

Learn how and what you can build when we all work together across ecosystems on the front-end using a technology called Web components. Bryan Ollendyke (btopro) is the HAX project lead and will be demonstrating HAX, talking about it’s capabilities and how to extend it, what you can do to use it in your projects and how and why web components should be the only technology implemented in your front end / theme layer of Drupal (and beyond).

Bryan Ollendyke (btopro) is a long time member of the Drupal community (13+ years) and works at Penn State on a platform called ELMS: Learning Network. Bryan is an open source absolutist, contributing 100% of his efforts back to the Drupal and web components communities in the form of modules, themes, install profiles, tutorials, design assets, tooling and more. Bryan drinks enough coffee to put down an elephant, and his “energy” is reflective of this.

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