drupal_goto issue with language and destination in D7

Hi friends,

I am working on a D7 multilingual site which have many languages – english, french, dutch etc.

I am trying to redirect the user to an internal path as

drupal_goto('my-internal-path', array('query' => drupal_get_destination());

It is giving — http://www.example.com/en/my-internal-path?destination=my-current-path

Here destination parameter is working but taking language as default which is ‘en’ in my case and giving 404 as the internal path is of french language, and I want it to be ‘fr’.

So I used —

drupal_goto('my-internal-path', array('query' => drupal_get_destination(), 'language' => (object)array('language' => 'fr')));

Now, the page is redirecting properly to fr page, but the destination parameter gets removed.
The url get become —

but I want like,


I tried many different thing, but the query and language parameter are not working together in drupal_goto,
Not sure, I am trying something wrong
any solution will be helpful.

Sunil Singh

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