Drutopia template

This is a composer based installer for the Drutopia distribution (by, uh, Drutopia!).


  1. Prepare a local server for Drupal
  2. Install Composer

Installation of Drutopia basic

If you installed composer globally, you can use this command:

composer create-project drutopia/drutopia_template:dev-master --no-interaction mydrutopiaproject

Otherwise, replace composer with php composer.phar

Composer will create a new directory called mydrutopiaproject (change to whatever name you would like for the directory). Inside you will find the web directory with the entire code base of Drutopia distribution. You should be able to install it like any other Drupal site: visit core/install.php and select Drutopia from the installation profile options, or use drush si drutopia

Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_distribution/feed/all