Email isnt sending from webform


I have an odd problem. For some reason, my webforms are sending the emails anymore. It happened after Nov 30. I looked online and came across this post: and did what was mentioned on comment #127. I resent the email but still haven’t received it.

I noticed a few things, we never had a phpmailer or mime module but our emails were still working. Also, I send a test email and it still tells me that the email was sent successfully. I looked in my spam filter and all i was this:
bounce+8ed510.b85b36-reservations=[email protected] – I’m going to research this.

Also, I look in my log files but it doesn’t show me any errors. I’m lost at this point. I’m not a drupal expert. I have no idea where to look. I would really appreciate some help.

Drupal version: