Emulating FB Messenger Browser across other Mobile Browsers

So one thing my team loves about building sales flows in FB Messenger is that the native browser in Messenger looks like an iframe – it opens pages in a box with an X to close and functions like a modal window.

Is there a method in Chrome Mobile and/or Safari that allows you to do something like this with a distinctly non-iframeable site that is NOT just opening the page in a new tab? We’re looking to find a solution where we can open a non-iframeable page in a window which can be closed, then revealing the page that was underneath.

So “popup window” would work on desktop, but on mobile this sort of function gets defaulted to “new tab,” so we’re trying to find some sort of attainable balance to do this. Basically we need to open a series of forms with on-page triggers which can then be closed, returning the user to the original page.

Let me know your thoughts, I’m open to any approach and discussing, thanks!

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