Error 500 while installing on sub-domain

I have created a sub-domain and trying to install drupal on it, by using “Installation Guide”. When trying to run “Sub-domain name/installation.php” I am getting error HTTP 500 saying unable to handle this request.

When Checking Error log I found PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DrupalComponentUtilityOpCodeCache’ not found in mysubdomain/install.php on line 37

I have given correct permissions (755 to directories, install.php and 644 to other files)

I think install.php is unable to access the file OpCodeCache.php, because on commenting the code accessing OpCodeCache, I got another error, in error log saying “PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DrupalCoreSessionAccountInterface’ not found in Subdomain Name/includes/ on line 65”

Can any one help me to sort out this problem any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

Drupal version: