Error while dumping the database ($ drush ard)

Hello! I have a problem while making a backup by the command:
$ drush ard –verbose

It returns an error related to database dump:
Calling system(pg_dump drupal –host=localhost –port=5432 –username=drupaluser –no-align –field-separator=” ” –pset tuples_only=on –clean > /tmp/drush_tmp_1486406348_5898c2cce9cec/drupal.sql);
/usr/lib/postgresql/9.4/bin/pg_dump: unrecognized option ‘–no-align’
Try “” for more information.
Database dump failed [error]

I searched for the problem, and found one request with the same problem without solution

Tell me, please, what can I do to solve it? Can I disable this “–no-align” flag? How it will affect the work?

My system (Oracle VM):
Debian 8.7.1,
PostgreSQL 9.4,
PHP 7.1,
Drupal 8.2.5,
Drush 8.1.9.
It is clear, I just installed it.

Drupal version: