Fatal error: Class 'DrupalviewsFormViewsForm' not found after core update

Hi guys,

My first time posting here and unfortunately because of my first issue. I updated the core from D8.2.6 to D8.2.7 and now cannot access the main (node) content page or the main people page. Error says:

Fatal error: Class ‘DrupalviewsFormViewsForm’ not found in /var/www/SERVERNAME/1/MYSITE.nl/core/modules/views/src/Plugin/views/display/DisplayPluginBase.php on line 2194

in the PHP file line 2194 shows:

$form_object = ViewsForm::create(Drupal::getContainer(), $view->storage->id(), $view->current_display, $view->args);

Can anybody tell me what needs to be done? Thanks 🙂

Drupal version: 

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/21/feed