Filter, Module, or Cache Issue?

I have a view in which I have exposed filters. I am also using the Better Exposed Filter Module to create some checkboxes.

1 – I created the view based on fields (Materials and Machines)
2 – The Filter Criteria is exposed
3 – Created a page from it and all worked well.

4 – I then had to add 1 new material (IRON) and 3 new machines (ICON’s) to their respective taxonomies.
5 – I then added that new content.

6 – Flushed Cache as a matter of protocol.

7 – The information I added to the site appears fine.
8 – However – the check-boxes for the newly added items show as “unchecked” for the machines and checked for the material.

Click Here for Example (If the image appears broken – use the magnifying glass to zoom in on it… something is awry with imgur today – or I’m not doing something correctly)

Being new to Drupal – I’m not entirely sure where the issue lies – though I tend to think it’s with the Better Exposed Filters module.

Is it a simple fix somewhere I am not seeing or do not understand? Or should I rebuild the view and cross my fingers?


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