Finding a good theme to make small company websites as fast and good-looking like in WordPress

Hi Drupalers, 

has anyone of you bought a premium theme for Drupal 7/8? Or knows a very good free theme?
Because at the moment I make small company websites that don´t have much logic included with WordPress. But WordPress sucks, because you have to pay for every small feature you need to include or search a lot for a good plugin. 
The problem that I am facing with Drupal is the theming. I can make a pretty decent-looking page with Bootstrap 3 in Drupal, but it takes a lot of time and effort. That is why I would prefer to buy a premium theme that is as easy to use like WordPress with the “Page Builder”-plugin. Is this possible with Drupal? Do you know a good theme for making a website similar to this one, that I have created in WordPress: 
or at least this one:
(If you know a good free theme to achieve this, that would be even better, but I haven´t found a good one so far)

What is important to me: I would prefer to pay a one-time fee (like 100$ or something) and be done and to use it on all my commercial websites

What I found so far is this, which doesn´t make me too happy: (very expensive) (the 499$ lifetime access would be an option, but I am still a small startup and this fee would “hurt” me quite much at the moment) (this one looks actually made with Bootstrap <– so it is cheap, but if it is just basic Bootstrap, I can also make it by myself)

Thank you very much for your help, guys!


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