Form Error Message Question

In Drupal 8, I am writing a custom form that is required to have inline form error messages as well as the status window that appears at the top of the page when there is an error. Within my buildForm method, I need to fetch the error messages that appear in the status window and the form_state variable at this point of the cycle does not have any error messages.

public function buildForm(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {

     // Get all errors that was created in validateForm
     $errors = $form_state->getErrors();
     if ( $errors ) {
          // Process so that error messages appear inline 
          // with their appropriate fields

In the sample code abve, $errors is always empty and thus I cannot get the current error messages nor know if any error occurred. I don’t even know if an error had occurred. I could manage this with session variables but was hoping there was something within core I could leverage.

Let me know ASAP as I am quickly approaching a deadline.


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