Drupal8 Theme for ZURB Foundation 6

A Drupal 8 theme to support ZURB Foundation 6! Exciting!
ZURB Foundation 6 is a responsive, mobile-first CSS and JavaScript framework. It has features that compare very well with Bootstrap 3, including a responsive grid system.

See this theme in action!

Head on over to the developer-hosted:

to see this theme installed on a Drupal site.

Further information

This theme is currently restricted to Foundation 6.3.x. Foundation 6.4 was released last week, and this theme will support Foundation 6.4 as soon as possible!

This theme is in pre release-candidate status. It consists completely of CSS, JS and Twig HTML templates, so the harm it can do is limited.

The latest release is 8.x-1.0-alpha6. Download it below.

Latest changes

  • Inclusion of gulp build which can build the app.css from foundation sources.
  • Fix to regions eliminating required post-configuration step.

Configuration Steps

There are optional configuration steps. The menus should be moved to other regions – current support for having the “Primary menu” and “Secondary menu” regions in the “top bar” may be temporary.

To do this, go to the admin interface, under structure, under blocks.

  1. Move the “main navigation” block from under “Primary menu” to “Top bar left.”
  2. Move the “User account menu” from under “Secondary menu” to “Top bar right.”

I have had problems with the administration toolbar disrupting the theme layout, so have a separate, non-admin window where you can observe the theme’s results.

Looking for alpha testers!

Attention Drupal developers, users, webmasters, and enthusiasts:

I am looking for alpha testers for my Drupal 8 theme for the ZURB Foundation 6 responsive design framework. For more info on Foundation 6 the, see ZURB Foundation website.

Please comment on issue #2891980 if you would like to sign up to be an alpha tester. There is no time commitment, just a desire to help out with finding bugs and user experience issues with the theme. You will receive credit! Get involved with the open source community with this low-barrier project.