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I want to build a product for which Drupal 8 or else 7 might be a good fit. The core of the product is around GPS location of objects. Although it is not a similar product as, it will need the same features. In general I need:

  1. Option to add nodes (text, video, photo’s, audio) and store those nodes with a GPS/Address location in a database
  2. Option to only make visible a particular node to a specific person, group or to everybody
  3. Option to display a map for an authorized user that will show only the nodes he or she has access to
  4. Option to notify an authorized user when he or she is close to a node that is accessible
  5. Option to add nodes (text, video, photo’s, audio) from a mobile device and store those nodes with the GPS location of that phone in a database

I believe that option 1 and 3 are already possible with Drupal 8 or 7. For option 2 I am not sure since you would have to grant access to a node on user or group level (often access is given to roles for particular content types. Which is very different from the option I need here). The 4th option I need can be interesting. I do not believe this can be done within the browser so you would need an app in order to tap into the options of the phone. So how about using Drupal 8 or 7 headless, build a very simple app (reactnative, ionic whatever) and store user specific GPS coordinates on the phone. The app then has the option to read the GPS points while you roam and notify as soon as you are close to the GPS location. the last option can also best be done with an app rather than mobile webpage I think.

What do you think? What is already available in Drupal 8 or 7 (any tips, urls or thoughts are helpful)? What is missing and do you have any idea how hard it would be to write a custom module for it? And what about the headless idea?

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