Geocoding and Gmap API

Reposting to this forum in the hopes that it is the correct place to seek assistance??

I’ve been trying to get a map on my site to show locations. Geolocation and Gmap seems perfect. I created an API key on Gmap and made sure that there are no restrictions for now (how do I attach a picture?).

The basis of the problem is that instead of getting a map, I get “Oops! Something went wrong.
This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”. In looking at the JavaScript console, I have three messages about getpreventdefault, getattributenode and another getpreventdefault being deprecated. These errors do not seem to be causing a total non-working gmap (read about these errors somewhere in my journey). I have an image to show these errors!

I also ventured on over to Google’s API Console to make sure that my api key had no limitations based on URL (just in case I did not type in my URL properly!).

So – the file that I manually added the API key is geofield_gmap.module as the patch (#5) indicated that “patch does not apply” (would love to attach a picture!).

So – I THINK I modified the proper place, I THINK I added in the api key properly (the javascript error indicating NO API KEY has disappeared) and I think my API key is setup properly.

Any idea/guidance? I’ve been working on this issue for several days and am feeling a bit at a loss and wondering if there is a different way I can present my data!

Thanks for any help/guidance.

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