Get rid of 2nd menu level using bootstrap base theme


so all this is very confusing to me. It seems I just don’t get the way drupal does things. So, when creating a main menu like:


it generates by default an ul list containt another ul list. Since it inteprets it as a dropdown. Now, I want this:


Although I created bar1 and bar2 as a submenu. I just want to have one li list with proepr classes etc.

I know that the menu is pritned out in page.tpl.html and that there is a folder menu. But I have no idea where I can change this. Basically, I’m searching a peace of code which receives an array, an simple array from the core which teh niterates over it ann calls all these (to me strange) functions.

Where is that peace of code? Where can get rid of the [‘#below’] part of the array? I just don’t need that level.

Drupal version: