Getting LDAP working under Drupal8

Real new to Drupal and I’m tryng to help another group to get Drupal configured to use one of our LDAP servers.

I have a test system where I have installed Druple 8 and the ldap modules from ldap-8.x-3.x-dev.tar.
I have tried various configurations and none seem to work. Running tcpdump I never see any attempt to connect to the LDAP server.

My current configuration for the ldap server is:

Name: testc1
Machine-Readable name: testc1
LDAP Server type: Default LDAP
Server address: “servers host name”
Port: 489 (yes we use a non-standard port).

Binding Method for searches is service account
I entered the DN for non-anonymous search and the password for the account.

I have left everything else blank for now.

Which I click Save the “server reachable” column show “Connection successful, bind failed”.

I know the DN I configured works because I use it in ldapsearch commands and from some PHP scripts I have, so I ran tcpdump to see what is happening and there is nothing there. So I am assuming that there is something wrong with my configuration, but I have no idea where to look for errors within Drupal to see what it may not like.

I have ldap_help installed and I enabled the detail LDAP watchdog logging and when I dump the table there are no error messages.

I deleted everything from the watchdog table, delete my server definition and re-defined it. The table only contained one entry and that was the delete for the server. It showed nothing when I re-defined the server.

Where else can I look to see what is going on inside of drupal?

Drupal version: