Giving up hope for composer and drupal

So I’ve really really been trying to get on board with composer and Drupal. ON paper I love it, in practice it’s just dependency hell

My current issue is that the s3fs and s3fs_cors modules have conflicting requirements in their aws versions numbers, see the following issues:

Basically after looking into various possible solutions, the only way to get these working with composer are:
1. Get the module maintainers to fix the issue or
2. Fork the project and use a custom repo.

There’s no way to patch this like you can with drush make, it absolutely has to be in the branch.

Is this how things are going to be in Drupal from now on? Is there anything I can do? Are there any tests on the composer.json? Because I don’t see how s3fs_cors can possibly be installed with composer in it’s current form (particularly as it requires a version of token that doesn’t exist). A dependency manager surely only works if the packages actually specify the correct dependencies.

Drupal version: