Base theme for Drupal 7 and 8.

Documentation and main repo.

What’s this

  • SCSS preprocessor for better CSS experience.
  • Susy for creating website much faster with flexible grids.
  • FontAwesome for using SVG icons.
  • Breakpoint for making your site responsive.
  • Good structure.
  • Predefined DisplaySuite layouts.
  • Clear Views templates with more semantic code (footer, section, header).
  • Flexbox mixins with old syntax support.
  • Lots of other mixins and functions that will make your theming easier and enjoyable.
  • and much more..

Due of the theme structure, where all parts are separated of each other, you can disable most of them without any pain and consequences, just remove import line and delete files. Theme is highly customazible and you can easly replace any part of it by your needs.

Drupal 7 is almost stable. I don’t think i will create big improvements to base theme, maybe just for starterkit, so it’s safe to use. D8 is the same, but is in development. Using starterkit is safe, but the base theme can have changes, so this is not the safe to upgrade base theme at all. Better to exclude it from updates or do it carefuly.