Global and subsite Multisite installtion


i want to setup the multisite in drupal 8 and i want like wordpress where there is a main site and other sites and from the main site we can create a subsite and manages all subsite is it possible in the drupal 8? is there any provision where all subsites can be managed and there is a gloabal site dashboard where all subsites can create rather than the we have to create a folder or there is any module for the same

There are some questions related to the multisite and I want to ask is it possible in drupal 8  like wordpress have multisite concept

Super Admin

  1. Can create a n number of sub sites from main site front-end (, We have wildcard entry for
  2. Can administer any sub-site created from main site.
  3. Can create content and can choose under which sub-site it will be available. (One content can be shared across multiple sub sites)
  4. Can create menus and can choose under which sub-site it will be available.
  5. Can create users (admin/editor/approver) for sub-sites.
  6. Should be able to set permission for the users (admin/editor/approver). For example add/remove/edit global navigation within the boundaries that the OEM Super Admin set for the site theme

Sub-Site Admin

  1. Modify content and blocks only for his sub site.
  2. Modify theme, create new theme.
  3. Configure google analytics and other social media plugins.
  4. Can modify node created by Super Admin.


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  2. Solution for Drupal 8

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