Google Analytics and Booking Content type

Currently, I have a single booking page (Booking content type) in Drupal. For example and booking page itself is handling error and confirmation page and falls on same URL Few Question needs to be considered

1) For google analytics, it’s how to track we booking is successful or got an error since we are using same URL How can we setup google analytics with same /booking URL for confirmation and error page and normal booking page?

2) If I want to divide those two pages using two different content type for example booking confirmation page - and booking error I can easily solve google analytics issue. Does that make sense to creating two different content type for booking error handling and for confirmation? Any other alternative solution to resolve the issue of google analytics and error, confirmation booking page?

Apart from, I have created the Booking confirm and booking error using Booking content type. it’s just as separated node. I have already main booking using the same content type.

I am not using any booking module. I have my custom booking module. I am new in drupal having few doubts. Should the booking confirm & error pages are hook them in Template.php ? Setting header redirects in main booking.php ? I am trying to redirect to after booking page ie. booking and if I am getting ant error Trying to split booking,m booking-confirm and booking-error page. What approach should I use?

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