google_analytics 8.x-2.1

Release notes

See Google Analytics – Moderately Critical – Cross Site Scripting – SA-CONTRIB-2016-042.

  • Issue #159865 by hass, larowlan: add JS snippets for google analytics permission
  • Issue #2765571 by kmbremner: Correct string in admin messages tab
  • Issue #2037595 by hass: Login is required for test
  • Issue #2037595 by hass: Tests if Custom Dimensions token form validation works.
  • Issue #2728009 by hass: Help module is required
  • Issue #2728009 by hass: Add tests for HELP.
  • Issue #2728009 by dbt102, hass: Add Google Analytics HELP
  • Code style fixes
  • Issue #2734747 by neerajsingh: Remove @file tag docblock
  • Issue #2726429 by hass: Permissions not unique to the system
  • Issue #2726341: Replace hook_field_extra_fields with hook_entity_extra_field_info
  • Issue #2720775 by Nikhilesh Gupta: Removed unused imports
  • Issue #2715137 by saitanay: Module Configuration is incorrectly saved when “Track clicks on outbound links” is selected
  • Issue #2712591: Locally Cached Tracking causes Mixed Content Warnings ON HTTPS websites
  • Issue #2712415 by Nikhilesh Gupta: Deprecated Method
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