google_nl_api 8.x-1.2

Release notes

Changed in this release:

  • Adjusted GoogleNLAPI::classifyContent to return an empty array of no tags if fewer than 20 words are passed to it, rather than returning a non-exception error message.
  • Added an uninstall hook to remove module configuration.
  • Adjusted GoogleNLAPI::classifyContent call to only get sent alphanumeric characters to Google’s API, fixing some potential bugs.
  • Modified the description of the settings field to make it more clear and to include an actual link.
  • Standardized on using the Drupal messenger rather than drupal_set_message().
  • Changed all references to Exception to refer to the PHP Exception class rather than to other classes of the same name from Drupal core.
  • Fixed various minor typos and missing variable names in docblocks.
  • Adjusted linespacing in the readme to fit within 80 lines.
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