google_tag 7.x-1.3

Release notes


Always create snippet directory if not present when updating assets.
Create snippet files for all realms on enable.
Ensure realm snippet files reflect new values of ‘global’ variables.
Add validation of listed classes if the include toggle is checked.
Allow for stream wrapper not implementing getDirectoryPath() method in requirements checks.
Set ‘requires_jquery’ to FALSE in calls to drupal_add_js().
Only flush JS cache once when creating snippet files.
Save snippets for all realms on settings form submit.
Add ‘https’ to tag manager urls in snippet files.
Create snippet directory during ‘update’ phase of google_tag_requirements().

Issues reflected in this release include:

#2877820: Unnecessary dependency on jQuery
#2877815: Wrong configuration when realm not applied to variables
#2875358: Undefined $data_layer variable in _google_tag_classes_save()
#2864958: Snippet directory not created on update to 1.2-rc3

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create snippet directory
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