h5p 7.x-1.32

Release notes

H5P – Critical – Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) – DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-071

* Upgrade hook for adding vtt and webvtt to file upload whitelist.
* Messages printed during install also visible when using drush
* Bugfix, if uuid registration fails don’t assume triggering request is AJAX
* Remove warnings in PHP 7.0+ when checking requirements due to bytes conversion.
* Add version selector when selecting content license.
* Add support for localizing content licenses.
* Made built-in fullscreen button keyboard accessible.
* Generic confirmation dialog positioning improvements.
* Improve handling of temporary files as they’re uploaded.
* Add vtt and webvtt to the default file upload whitelist.
* Improve font-family validation regex pattern. Big thanks to Cornel Les.
* Move list description text to be consistent with other fields.
* Improve YouTube regexp pattern. Big thanks to Otacke!
* Improve handling of temporary files as they’re uploaded.
* Bugfix for the media widget’s copyright button.
* Extended list and group widget API.
* Add support for specifying units for the number widget.
* Improve the number widget’s error messages to be consistent with other fields.
* Add support for line breaks in semantics description.
* Improve editor translation function variable placeholders.
* Changed important feedback to always show when reloading page.
* Not displaying update button in HUB Client if user does not have access to install libraries
* Improving resize logic to avoid JS errors (in H5P editor)

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