[HELP] Drupal 8.2.1 Constant Internal 500 Errors


Last night I installed Drupal 8.2.1 as a fresh installation to a quality site that is completely separate from my main site. It is a completely different folder and has it’s own dedicated database.

Installation of Drupal Core and the 5-7 extensions went very smooth. However, periodically when I am setting up and configuring different aspects of my site, upon clicking Save, I immediately receive an internal 500 error. When I refresh the page, my changes sometimes stick and sometimes do not.

For example, I changed the registration from Anyone to Admin only, set the Admin user as Admin, and clicked Save. I immediately received an internal 500 error and when I refreshed the page, my changes stayed how I set them. However, I created a new user profile (Editor) and set all the permissions I wanted that user type to have. Upon clicking save, I again immediately received an internal 500 Error and when I refreshed the page, NONE of my permission changes stayed the way I set them. I did this 3 times in a row and each time I received the 500 error and no permission setting stayed the way I set them.

I do not receive this problem with my Drupal 8.1.10 install on my main website (an never have with 8.1.x).

Does anyone know what the heck could be going on here? I seem to have plenty of resources available to my account as my Cpanel shows that my site has not been limited due to resources. I have 2GB RAM, 2MB I/O, and more than enough process, entry process, etc.

FYI, I also installed a quality instance of Drupal 8.2.0 last week had this same issue. I completely uninstalled that instance of drupal and removed the DB to try again with 8.2.1. I also had a bunch of other weird things with my 8.2.0 install such as Admin permissions not being checked, but Admins still had full Admin access and some core features completely missing. I presume the install got messed up and that is why 8.2.0 one was so weird.

Please, if anyone could possibly know what is going on and provide me some help, I would really appreciate it!!!


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