Help me find alternate modules or solutions so I can upgrade my site to D8.

So I am currently running Drupal 7 for a site that about 20 people use. It is used for voting on the CBS Survivor show and we put 20 bucks in every year and the first and second place winners get all the money. It’s a fun and easy way for all of us to talk shit, participate, watch the show, and win some money.

I want to upgrade the site to Drupal 8 but the two main modules I use for this site are Advanced Poll and User Points, and neither have been upgrade to Drupal 8.

I’ve looked at the Poll module but it is severely lacking in features that were present in Advanced Poll that I needed:
– Set a specific date and time for polls to close
– Set poll results to show automatically when polls close
– Allow for multiple choice options on a poll

The Points module seems much easier to replace as I can probably just add a field in the database for users and call it points and make it an integer. It won’t be as nice for example having comments on why points were granted, and date/time stamps but it will still accomplish same function.

The best poll besides Advanced Poll I’ve found is actually not a Drupal module but an external website Unfortunately while it adds a bunch of cool things like images on polls it still doesn’t have all the features that Advanced Poll had.

I’ve considered switching to WordPress or another CMS system, or if it’s too much trouble just stop doing the Survivor Pool because it seems like my options in Drupal are limited.