Help with D7 JS attach behaviors and AJAX – sample code included

I’ve been all over the documentation for Javascript and Drupal attach behaviors, and am having difficulty debugging post-Ajax form submit scenario.


1. I have a view which is a masonry grid of images.  It has a filter to select different subsets of the gallery based on taxonomy terms.

2. I have a JS function such that if you click on any image, a modal pops up displaying a large version of the image and some additional information….like a Colorbox but one of my own design.  There’s a close button on the modal allowing you to shut the modal and then select another image, etc.

3. It works flawlessly except of course after using a filter to update the image set (using AJAX to update the page content).  At this point, when you click on an image, the function fires twice on a single “click” because of the second “attach” following the AJAX event.  I still get the modal popup, but odd behaviors then start happening because of the second attach.

4. I’ve tried reviewing the context and “once” related solutions in this forum and stackoverflow, and either can’t decipher them or can’t get it to work properly. 

Here’s a simplified version of the code which simply pops up an alert.  I followed the basic template from here.  If you load the view “fresh” it works fine, but following the ajax filter update, a single click will cause the alert to pop twice. 

I’m hoping someone can show me the correct way to use jQuery “once” to 1) stop the second attach and subsequent “alert” yet 2) allow user to click one image, close the modal, then repeat.

(function ($) {

    Drupal.behaviors.mymodule = {
        attach: function(context, settings) {
            var myclickfunction = function(){
                alert(“you clicked on an image!!”);
            //in my actual code the modal pops up here and additional things happen, and other functions are enabled such as closemodal
            $(“.page-image-select-view .view-image-select-view .masonry-item”).on(“click”, myclickfunction);


Drupal version: