Help with Drupal 8 User Registration

Would like to use a Webform based on the “Registration” template to create a “member” that can become a user. Created a second form to approve and assign membership level (not sure how to add the block of this form to the submission page).

Two levels of “membership” (NO e-commerce required).

I have created a functioning Drupal 8 site that does this using Multiple Registration and Permissions by Term that I set up myself, but I am not satisfied with it. I am opened to considering any combination of modules as long as it is Drupal 8. (I really appreciate the multilingual capability of Drupal 8 compared to sites I have made with Drupal 7.)

I have a test site on Pantheon that I can allow access to.

Sites are multilingual
Using theme/builder
Would like basic instructions / screenshots so that I can duplicate the functionality

Please note that I am not familiar with Drush, Composer, Terminus etc.

If more information regarding scope is required please let me know. (Help is only required for the user registration portion I am able to do the rest of the site.)

Thank you for considering this project.

Drupal version: