hosting, Drupal & Solr

As I’m getting closer to having all the fundamentals of this Drupal side project set up, I’m about to turn to setting up (fumbling through) some pretty involved Search tools. I’ve read in a few places the best solution is to set up Solr.

Unfortunately, I’m on a shared server. I just double checked, and I don’t have the means to install and use Solr (Network Solutions/Web) unless I move to one of their virtual private servers.

I’m curious if…

A) Is there is another way/tool to do this without having to install Solr – and not choke on multiple sessions, or whatever other issues I might need to be aware of. Basically I only need to set up about 4 different search tools, but with numerous filters available. Example of the search complexity:: Show me a list of [columnar] [Trees] of [Kenya] that have [green] [oval] leaves, with [smooth] margins, [pinnate] veins, [white] flowers and have [edible][leaves]. … and this is about half the detail a search could have.

B) are there any known, reliable & affordable options out there for hosting… maybe shared hosting, that does give me the ability to set up and use Solr.

Until all is said and done, I have to be cautious with costs.

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