How can a node with an assigned language always display associated localized taxonomy terms (field content) in that language?

Hi everybody,

after searching everywhere and asking for help on stackexchange without success I wonder if I’m the only one having this problem. I’m developing a Drupal 7 site with two languages: English (default) and German. On the site exists a content type (call it “X”) with enabled multilingual support. X-nodes won’t be translated but the content of each X-node is either English or German and the corresponding language is assigned to the node. Now regardless of which language the user uses all the nodes of type X show up in their assigned language. So far this works.

The Problem. Content type X has some fields using localized and translated Taxonomy Terms (translated with the entity translation module). If a node of X is being viewed the terms are always displayed in the interface language and not the language of the node. I also tried Taxonomy Terms string translation. But then the terms are always shown in the default language (English).

An Example. Using the site interface in English the site should show a German node with German taxonomy terms which are localized and translated (default is English).

Can this be done with some settings?
Or do I have to edit the template files somehow?

I would really appreciate some ideas/help.

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