How Can I Connect a Five Star Vote Entity so that it connects two 2 taxonomies and filters by both

I’m building a travel site in Drupal 7 that features ratings of different travel experiences. The vocabulary of the experiences is one taxonomy and the destinations they are connected to is another taxonomy.
I have a content type that selects specific experiences by destination. When I use entity reference to sort by that destination and display only the selected experiences in the view (along with the opportunity to rate that experience with FiveStar, the rating doesn’t stay with only that one destination, it bleeds over to other destinations listing that same experience – even with the Entity Reference to the destination selected as a contextual filter in the view.
Example: If I select “Wine and Vineyards” for several destinations, and then I rate that experience under the view filtered only for Sonoma, that rating also shows up for Napa.
How can I make this work so that the rating for that experience under Sonoma only comes up for Sonoma?

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