How can I Display Alt, Title, and Caption Image Data as Fields?

Hi. I have a tricky situation and can’t really find any information on it that’s not dated at least 6 years ago.

I can’t seem to display alt, title, and caption data. It seems I’m not given the option to do so. I have a Flexslider gallery, and I’d like to display the present image’s data below the rotating gallery. This will include the title and caption. However, the only field which shows in my Fields list in my Display editor is Image – Caption. The title and alt are not there.

How can I get these fields to be options? I tried adding rewrite results (ie.

TITLE: [field_image-title]
ALT: [field_image-alt]

) but nothing happened.

Also, I have an option to display the Caption, but it’s not appearing. Does anyone know why? There’s caption data in the image.
Here’s an example of a page where I’m trying to accomplish this:


Drupal version: