How can I filter a Media View by taxonomy on a node create form?

I have created a content type and added an entity reference field so that a person can look up a file that’s already in the system. I used the project for the field. This works well enough, but it only allows me to search for a file by name. I need to search by tags, preferably comma separated value of tags with AND functionality (TAG1, TAG3 would mean TAG1 AND TAG3).

I come from a long Drupal 7 background and just now getting into 8. I feel like I’m missing something simple. Can I not also filter Media types by a taxonomy in my Media View? 

I see there is this project But, I’m not sure if this is what I’m looking for.

In any case, even thought it adds the Has Taxonomy (with depth) filter, this seems to only work in the Page view.

Why do these filters not work when creating an entity reference?

My goal is to get this exposed filterable view on my node edit form so editors can associate existing files with the content.

Here is a cross reference to the if it’s helpful.…

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