How do I include the list of all referencing entities in the end of main entity display?

The subject must be confusing, let me explain: I defined a number of content types and taxonomy vocabs referencing each other: for example a Building has a reference to the Architect who has built it and to the City where it is located, the City references a Country, an Architect references a Country he was active in etc.
I would like the City, Country and Architect pages to look like this: first goes the title, then go fields (if any) defined for the given entity and then goes the list of all other entities referencing the given one: for example the Country page should start with the country name (entity Title), then an intro text about the country (Body) if entered, then the list of all the Cities in this country and the list of all Architects active in this country. The City page should end with the list of all the Buildings in the city and so on.
Now if I define Country as a taxonomy vocab and all the rest as content types then it works the way I want it practically out of the box: any reference to a Country in any entity produces a link ending with /taxonomy/term/N which is processed as a View that does exactly what I want, and I was even able to edit the Taxonomy Term view to accordion the references by the entity type – perfect!
But the catch is that if I make, say, City, a taxonomy vocab too to be able to see the list of Buildings on the city page the way it works with Country, then cities disappear from my Country page because by default the Taxonomy Term view only shows referencing content, not another taxonomy. Besides, some of my entities, like Architect (as opposed to Country and City) are supposed to contain a lot of fields of its own and it looks kind of not good if I make it a taxonomy vocab (even though technically it seems possible).
In other words, I would like to make [some] content types display exactly the way the taxonomy terms do but I can’t figure out how… The reference links generated for nodes look like /node/N and those don’t seem to be Views and I don’t see how I can add lists of referencing entities to their display. Am I missing something obvious?

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