How do I load the image from an external RSS feed into my view?

Perspective: I’m fairly new to Drupal (have only used 8). Still learning.

On the homepage of my site, I’ve created a region which I’d like to place a custom view block which displays the newest 3 articles from the following feed:

I’ve used the aggregator feed to get the information.

Here are my settings for my custom view:

I’ve tried adding different fields but none of them seem to add the image from the feed. These were the aggregator field items I get when trying to add a new field:

None of them seem to allow me to add the image?

There is an Image type for the Aggregator feed (An image representing the feed.), however, this doesn’t seem to post the image.

Would anyone be able to tell me why I’m unable to have the image from the feed post to my site?

BONUS QUESTION: How do I get the URL under the description to change to something like “Read More…” instead of the entire URL?

Drupal version: