How does "Content statistics: Total views" work? (Or does it not work?)

Hi! I’m creating a view which lists search results. By default, the view orders results based on “Content statistics: Total views”. I assume this means that it’ll list the most “popular” content (or that with the most hits) first. I’m noticing that it’s not always the case. New articles I uploaded the day before which I know I’ve only opened once are featued higher (and sometimes lower) than other articles I’ve opened dozens of times. I’m the only one using the site. The articles appear in what seem like random, yet consistent, places in the list – sometimes first, sometimes far down the list past new articles.

I’m not quite sure of the logic here. Is there some recency bias for which it accounts, like if an article is new, it’s weighted differently when evaluating popularity than ones that’s been around for weeks? I tried looking for an explanation on the web but couldn’t find anything concrete. Is there something I need to enable before these statistics are calculated?

I’m exposing these views so that people can choose to sort by Total Views (which I’m calling “popularity”), title, or publication date. I’d like to make sure I’m using “popularity” correctly if I’m going to include it.


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