how to add 'remove' button on custom compound field

In Drupal 8, I’ve created a custom compound field module with 4 fields ( a couple taxonomy select fields, and a couple taxonomy tag-style fields)

All is well, and not bad for my first time at this, but…

In testing the field, I set it to “unlimited,” as needed in my use-case, and added a few entries to my content type. Everything works, but there’s no ‘remove’ button for each of the entries. No way to delete that field.

I’m not sure what I’m missing. I did see a couple forum discussions out there, talking about how this is an ability missing from core, at the moment? But maybe I misunderstood.


I did install ‘Multiple Fields Remove” module, but still no “remove” button. Maybe there’s something about how to implement it I don’t understand

Drupal version: