How to create a completely custom page with custom data

I am continuing to explore Drupal. It is really powerful. But I can’t find the right way to build a custom page.
I wan’t to create a completely custom page with custom data.

Now I have following structure.

I’ve created the page--front.html.twig template file. And defined it like that

    <main id="main-content" class="main-content">
        <!-- start: Container -->
        <div class="container-fluid main-content__container">
            <div class="row main-content__row">
                {% if page.content %}
                    {{ page.content }}
                {% endif %}

It works, but page.content contains a lot of extra data that I don’t need at all.

Here are some debug lines

    <!-- THEME DEBUG -->
    <!-- THEME HOOK: 'container' -->
    <!-- BEGIN OUTPUT from 'themes/mytheme/templates/form/container.html.twig' -->
    <!-- THEME DEBUG -->
    <!-- THEME HOOK: 'views_view' -->
    <!-- BEGIN OUTPUT from 'themes/mytheme/templates/views/views-view.html.twig' -->
    <!-- THEME DEBUG -->
    <!-- THEME HOOK: 'views_view_unformatted' -->
    <!-- BEGIN OUTPUT from 'themes/mytheme/templates/views/views-view-unformatted.html.twig' -->
        <div class="views-row">

My goal is to create page based on a created View in the admin panel.

So I’ve started to getting rid of extra data by defining new template files like, for example


And others, just to get rid of undesired includes.

For now I mostly removed all extra data, but this seems for like the completely wrong way, that why I am asking this question.

I used to work with PHP in the following way, fetch data, process it and pass it to the view.

So my question is

If it is possible to create completely custom page, or just have control of data that is being fetched, maybe it is possible to create custom php class/file to handle data for a custom page. Or if there any other good ways to solve this problem, I would be grateful for any help.

Actually, the question is : ” How to create a custom page with controlling all data passed to the template ? Or Maybe there is another way other than creating specific template files ?”
By “Data” I mean all variables that are passed by the Drupal engine to a template file. Everything that can be seen with {{ kint() }}

Drupal version: