How to create a corresponding entity reference matrix view

I am using corresponding entity reference module to have a two way relationship between two content types (although I think I could do it just with a normal relationship). Basically content type A which are songs, reference one or more of content type B which are clubs. This is a many to many relationship.

What I really want is a view which is a matrix which simply shows which items have links e.g.

         club p club q club x club y club z
Song A 1     0     0     1     1
Song B 0     0     1     1     0
Song C 0     1     1     0     0
Song D 1     0     1     0     1

(where 1 means a link, and 0 means no link) Ideally these would be check boxes.

The best I’ve come up with a grid view where type=song, showing field song_clubs as an unordered list like:
Song A Song B Song C Song D
* club p * club x * club q * club p
* club y * club y * club x * club x
* club z * club z

Am I wasting my time trying to get a full matrix view?

I apologise if I’m not using the right terms, I’m fairly new to Drupal. Also for the non-ideal lining up of columns in my example, but hopefully you get the idea. Thanks in advance.

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