How to get the path of image views twig

I have a view and I modify the template to show the content in boxes, but I don know how to get the url of the image to put in src field; for example I have my code:

<a href="#" data-path-hover="m 180,34.57627 -180,0 L 0,0 180,0 z">
      <img src={{ fields.field_imagen_de_fondo.content }}/>
      <svg viewBox="0 0 180 320" preserveAspectRatio="none"><path d="M 180,160 0,218 0,0 180,0 z"/></svg>
        <h2>{{ fields.title.content|striptags  }}</h2>
        <p>{{ fields.body.content|striptags  }}</p>

But the image does not display.

Drupal version: