How to have user-block in main menu that allows to manage own account and own page of content

I would like to make each user, after registering and logged in, have in main menu his user-clock such as Drupal (My Dashboard/My account/Logout) ) from where he can:
– create or edit his page
– edit account
– logout

PS. “his page” is not his user page, but a content page referenced to him.

To be clearer, I would like to be able to do between user-block and his ‘content type’ page, what I can currently do between two different content type pages using ‘Entity Reference Prepopulate’ and ‘Prepopulate create node links (Prepopulate from URL)’.

Is this possible? If so, I would like to ask you if there is a module that can help to realize it or what alternative there may be

Drupal version: