How to install Drupal 8 on Mac OS X El Capitan

Hi there!

When I installed the Drupal 8 on my Mac I run into some issue. So, I decided to help those who also had some of the problems what I met during the installation.

The whole process what I did (on Mac OS X – El Capitan):

1. Download the MAMP as a local server. It is suitable for a Mac – MAMP (Personal opinion)
2. Install the MAMP and leave the settings as default. Everything will be available on the localhost:8888 address
3. After that we need to make sure about a few things before we going to install Drupal:

3.01 – Go to Applications>MAMP>bin>php>php5.5.38/php5.6.25/php7.0.10>conf>php.ini
3.02 – Open one by one the actual php versions what do you have with the TextEdit app.
3.03 – Scroll down to the [OPcache] section which is at the end of the document.
3.04 – You’ll see a line below the [OPcache] which is starting with a semi-colon.
3.05 – Remove the semi-colon “;” from here: ;zend_extension=”…” – to look like this zend_extension=”…”
3.06 – Save it (all of the them)

3.07 – Go to Applications>MAMP>conf>apache>httpd.conf
3.08 – Open with the TextEdit app
3.09 – Scroll down approximately at the half of the file when you’ll see the .htaccess details
3.10 – Here change the line AllowOverride None to All and remove the number sign “#” if it’s there before the AllowOverride line.

# AllowOverride controls what directives may be placed in .htaccess files.
# It can be “All”, “None”, or any combination of the keywords:
# Options FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
AllowOverride All

3.11 – Save it.

3.12 – After all these open the terminal ( cmd + space – type – “terminal” – enter )
3.13 – Type into the terminal the following: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE (Or copy from here and paste there) and hit the enter
3.14 – It is a necessary step to see the hidden files.

4. Download the Drupal 8 from the official site – Drupal 8 (Mine was the drupal-8.1.9 version)

4.01 – After that extract the file and open the folder and you’ll see a file called .htaccess. Open with the TextEdit.
4.02 – Scroll down almost the end of the file where you’ll see a line like that: # RewriteBase /drupal. Remove the number sign “#”
4.03 – Save it.
4.04 – Go to drupal-8.1.9>sites>default
4.05 – Create a new folder and name it files
4.06 – Make a copy the file default.settings.php and rename it to settings.php
4.07 – Hold down the cmd button and mark the files folder and settings.php and then right click one of them and click on the Get info option.
4.08 – Open down the Sharing & Permissions part and set the Privilege Read & Write for both of the them.

5. After all these copy the folder drupal-8.1.9 to – Applications>MAMP>htdocs – location (rename the folder drupal-8.1.9 to drupal – optional)
6. Open up your browser and go to localhost:8888/drupal-8.1.9 and you’ll see the drupal installation.
7. Go back to your terminal and type defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE to set back the hidden files.
8. Make sure to create a MySQL table for your drupal at the localhost:8888/phpmyadmin
9. Further steps should be known

That was the method how I made it.
If you have more questions about the post please comment it.

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