How to make nice looking tables of uploaded files

I consider this a trivial question I should be able to answer by reading the documentation. Just can’t find it.

I wold like to make a simple, yet nice looking table of uploaded documents. The documents belongs to a content type containing the actual file, a document type (description) and a date.

Ideally for every document type, there should be one clickable label containing relevant parts of the fields combined in a meaningful sense. The table should be grouped by document type and sortable by date.

Board Meetings
2018-04-06 Board Meeting
2018-03-15 Board Meeting
General Assembly Meetings
2018-03-31 General Assembly Meeting
2017-03-31 General Assembly Meeting
2016-03-31 General Assembly Meeting

This should be done by creating a View. And somehow creating some kind of computed field containing replacement parts from the actual fields.

I would appreciate any kind of directions—that being references to other post, to YouTube videos, the official documentation etc.

Best regards,

Jon Theil Nielsen

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