How to mass upload images and have an entity/node created for each of them?

I’m working on building a Drupal 8 site that needs a solid photo gallery. Unfortunately, the modules and combinations of modules I’ve tried so far have not worked out. So I thought I’d post here an see if anyone has tried anything similar to what I’m going to describe.

I did try, but it was very awkward to use. Since I want my Mother to use this, it has to be pretty darn simple.

I’m currently looking into the Media module yet again. Maybe it, plus some workflow module and Rules?

In the meantime I’ll keep trying on my own. 🙂 If I come up with something that works well, I try to share it in a decent format.

  • Users should be able to upload many files all at once.
  • An unpublished node/entity should be created for each individual file.
  • Those nodes should be placed in a queue that the user can easily process.
    • Drupal should create optimized versions of the images, but it should not lose the original image or associated data.
    • There needs to be a single/paginated view of the queue where the user can mass publish/unpublish/delete nodes.
    • The user should be able to go through each node and click a “Publish and go to next” button.
  • File metadata should be automatically extracted to fields on the node. Like EXIF data from JPEGs.
  • There should be a decent gallery view of the users images.
Drupal version: