How to publish a novel by chapters


I’ve done a search and I’m often addressed to the book module, but also Book Chapters, Sections… modules. I have a blog  (Drupal 7) where I publish short stories with its own content type every now and then. Now I’d like to publish a longer story and publish each chapter (7 short chapters, no children) every 2 days.

I’d like to link each chapter to its previous and next one and somehow ‘warn’ whenever a visitor lands in any chapter (not the first one) that that node (chapter) is part of a longer story, and show the link to the first node. I’d like to keep it in the same content type as for shorter stories because I have different content types for images, news… and that story should belong to the ‘writings’ content type.

I’m kind of lost about finding the right solution in this case both technically (modules, custom conditional template…) and programmatically (should I force them to navigate from the first one every time, should I keep the whole story in one single node split in 7 ‘node bits’…).

I hope someone may have had this very same situation and has clear ideas about how this situation should be addressed. Any tips, comments, suggestions are more than welcome. Ty!

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