How To Setup/Enable PHP OPCode Caching


I’m a fairly new user of Drupal 8 (previously had experience on Drupal 6 back several years ago) and was in the process of setting up/installing Drupal 8 locally via MAMP on my MacBook Pro (2016) for a new Drupal website. I’ve installed Drupal 8 (version 8.5.4) locally on my Mac, but received a message on the status report screen that its highly recommended for me to “setup/enable” OPCache on my server. How would I go about making this happen? I’m a bit of a novice on the local server setup proceduress (and my previous Drupal experience/exposure was all front-end development. How would I go about enabling the OPCache for my local server setup via MAMP.  Thanks for any assistance/help you can provide me!

Drupal version: