How to turn off auto-scroll when rearranging content fields

When I have a dozens of fields in a content type (or in a webform) I have a frustrating experience in D7.

When I grab Drupal’s + icon to drag the field to a new order on the page, the page “jumps” up dramatically, losing my place.   For instance if I am dragging the 34th out of 36 fields, and I wish to move it just up to number 32 on the page, I will suddenly find myself near the top of the page.  The original form element remains near the bottom of the list, however.

I have disabled the “autoscroll” and “smooth scrolling” features in Firefox, so this leads me to believe it may be an underlying Drupal issue, rather than a browser or mouse-wheel issue.  But I cannot be sure.

I know I’m not the only person experiencing this, several clients and co-workers have reported the same.  Is there a scroll-lock or other feature in Drupal?  Thanks!

Drupal version: