How to use feeds with data module in drupal 7?

I am kind off a newbie in using drupal so help will really be appreciated:)
I want to import csv files in my database such that I know name and location of table data is imported into(since I would like to use queries on it afterwards)
When I am using feed module I am not able to find a particular table in database which has all the records stored,so I am not able to apply queries on it.
So,I thought I will use data module –create table in database using this module and then import data using feed module.

But I am not able to find my table name (created using data module) as an entity in the processor of feed module?
(I have enabled option “create table as an entity option”)
Where am I going wrong?
or Is there any other method to import csv files in database with table names you can use afterwards?
P.S:I am using D7 and feeds and feeds entity processor are installed.
Thank you!

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