I need some basic guidance for a simple Drupal site

Hi all!

I’m having trouble getting started with Drupal. I can follow a guide and make a Hello World website, but when I try to implement basic functionality I get stuck immediately.

I consider myself proficient with php, databases and web tech, but I can’t quite see the light with Drupal. The thing is, I’ve accepted to do a small project in Drupal and I’m just not getting anywhere. I could easily make the website from scratch in php in a week or so, but that’s not the task given. I realise that I often try to solve problems with the tools and methods I know, but I’m not finding obvious Drupal equivalents.

So the website is basically a site of user profiles. Users can register and log in and search each other’s profiles. Not too complex. But what would be the Drupal way of doing this?

– I’m having problems with blocks vs content. Do I put content in blocks and blocks on pages? For a given piece of content, how do I control where and when it’s shown? Some pages should have this and that content, other pages should have different setups. I don’t yet understand Drupal in this area.

– The site has to look and behave differently for a logged in user vs a non logged in user, clearly. So what’s the Drupal way of doing this? I can’t really find much on this topic, even though it seems like base functionality. Some threads on help forums suggest using this or that module, but such modules aren’t up to date or seem mismatched to the task or lack documentation. And I’m not even sure this is the right way of doing it.

Any pointers would be helpful, thanks.

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