I want to have links in views results to trigger edit windows

My website runs scheduling for several classes via Webforms. Students submit webforms applying for classes. I have views for the various course administrators allowing them to see who has registered for their class.

However, the first words out of everyone’s mouth when they see one of these static views results lists is “OK, I see Harry* has signed up for Math 101, what do I click on to bring up his transcript?” or “cant I just click on Math 101 to bring up the list of who is already registered?”.

I am sure there must be some way to have live links in views results rows where I can trigger additional views, or bring up a dialog to modify seating assignment, and it would be cool (and efficient) to be able to link these things; I just cant figure out how. Can someone give me some pointers in what direction to look? Which modules might assist this? Shirley this is a standard (if slightly advanced) usage of Views?

I have Googled and YouTubed for days and I am just not getting it. Drupal is very capable but it goes in so many directions at once not sure which is wheat and which chaff.

*Not his real name. Its actually Tom.

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